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Again and again the question comes up, how can I tune my car and what makes the most sense.


Here you can find an overview of the tuning measures for the TRX4 and a quite reasonable order of these things. But as always, there will be people who would do it differently.

No. 1 Electronics - Servo

hdpower The first thing you should change is the steering servo, this has also been addressed in the engine & electrics section. The original has little power and is unfortunately very susceptible to a total failure. Since this failure generally happens in the forest 15km from home, it makes sense to take care of this problem immediately.
The extremely poor quality of the Traxxas® servos has nothing to do with the load when crawling, these servos are simply of extremely inferior quality and say goodbye after a short time in the other vehicles from Traxxas®.
Cost: from 27,-
Servohorn If you change the servo please also change the servo horn in one with. the one in plastic will eventually lose its teeth in the field and thus no longer be useful. Traxxas® offers one made of metal (Traxxas® Artrikelnr.: 8247X) with the appropriate offset for around 7 euros.

No. 2 Chassis - shock rings

Ringe Small rings that are inserted into the dampers and significantly improve handling.
Cost: about 1.50

No. 3 Weight (chassis-X-links)

Links RC-HP The next option now is to change the x-links on the car and change from steel to brass.
Cost: approx. 50,-

No. 4 Weight - Wheels

Felgen02 So that the TRX drives scalier and also the center of gravity comes down it makes sense to change the rims. The original plastic ones are replaced with aluminum or steel ones. Additional weight from about 200 grams. Simultaneous weighting with lead is of course also possible if you have to mount the rims / tires anyway.
Cost: from about 50, - (only rims)

No. 5 Electronics - controller ESC

HW1080 For more sensitivity and better response, it makes sense at some point to take care of the ESC. The choice is probably the Hobbywing WP-1080, which is a real improvement for brushed motors.
Cost: about 50,-

The settings and explanations for the programming card of the HW1080 Quicrun can be found here.

No. 6 Electronics - Controller ESC/Motor Combo

Xerun Instead of just changing the controller, you can also think about a controller/motor combo. Sensor-controlled brushless systems take driving pleasure to completely new heights. Read the driving report.
Costs: about 199,-

No.7 Weight - Portal housing/differential housing

The covers of our portal and differential housings, originally made of plastic, can be exchanged for brass ones with relatively little effort. This brings significantly weight on the scale and also looks really chic. Weight of the brass diff covers around 75 grams/piece, weight of the portal covers about 50 grams/piece, which brings us a total of 350 grams of additional weight to the vehicle.
Cost: Portal housing 4 pcs. from about 40,-
Cost: Differential housing 2 pcs. about 50,-

Small tip

More is not necessarily better. That the TRX4 is too light at the bottom, you can not argue. But to tune the car up to 7.5 kg is then also not necessarily the perfect way. You should deal with his vehicle, slowly approach the matter and look at what is really necessary.

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