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TRX4 Light

TRX4 Traxxas® light kit

The Traxxas® light kit for the Defender, the Bronco and the Sport is available in different configurations. If you want it simple, the set with power supply is recommended. This small distributor that is mounted next to the controller/servo provides the appropriate voltage of just under 3 volts for the connected lamps.
! ATTENTION ! The polarity in the power supply is not as usual, plus (+) in the middle. Plus (+) is on the outside. So if you think about buying a remote control, e.g. from RC4WD, it is necessary to change the polarity in the connectors. The Traxxas® light set is a pure lighting for front - rear, the wheel wells and the roof in 2 stages. There is no brake light or turn signal.

Power-Supply Some fire the Traxxas® lamps with 6 volts. According to experience, this should work, but how long the Traxxas® SMD's survive that probably no one knows exactly. The remote control from RC4WD can be switched without problems with the 3 volts and 500mA from the power supply.
The connections in the power supply are connected in parallel which allows the connection of up to four lamps / remote controls. brake light or turn signal.

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TRX4 LED-light

In the field of LED light there is a huge selection in the stores as well as on the Internet from all renowned companies. Who has idea can here but also create your own hand and solder something together. It should be considered that an LED can not be connected directly to a 2S or 3S Lipo. LEDs need a much lower voltage. If something like this is planned, you have to calculate the appropriate resistors and solder them and the wires.
Even ready wired LEDs are not necessarily designed for the right voltage. Please read the supplementary sheet.
One request: If you don't know anything about all this, ask a friend or leave it alone and get a plug 'n' play solution.

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RC4WD remote

rc4wdremote The remote control of RC4WD allows the comfortable light control on the TRX4. It makes little sense to drive during the day with the full lighting. The wheel well lighting really does not need to shine during the day. In addition, the battery consumption increases. With the remote control the lighting can be switched on or off independently, and that from up to 15 meters on four channels. Attention. this remote control is really for light and not for winches.

RC4WD specifies an operating voltage of 6-9 volts, but it can also be switched via the 3 volts from the Traxxas® power supply. The part is waterproof and so nothing stands in the way of water crossing.

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Absima light switch

Absima Licht Absima offers with the power switch a possibility to switch the light on or off via a free channel. The component is plugged into the receiver on a free switching channel and then offers the possibility to control 2 consumers (light). How the module then switches you can see here below. I use these switches in most vehicles because I don't want to have anything else in my pocket. With the Absima CR6P you can put this on channel 3 and then put the circuit for the 1st and 2nd gear on channel 4.

Switching sequence

Click - Light 1 on
Click - Light 1 off Light 2 on
Click - Light 1 and 2 on
Click - Light 1 and 2 flash
Click - Light 1 and 2 off

Currently, there is probably a series that can not reliably hold the voltage. This means that by a steering movement, the connected light turns off again. The whole thing happens even with a BEC with 6 amps. That the modules make problems knows also the company Absima and looks for the error now. I have tested with a HW Xerun foc R2 with 6 volts at the output as well as with 7.4 volts. Receivers were the own from Absima and also from Futaba. A really stable circuit I have rarely managed.
You can distinguish the new ones that come with an orange/red/brown cable from the old ones that had a white/red/black cable. With the old there are no problems regardless of which receiver or whether 6.0 or 7.4 volts.

Absima alternatives

Speedshop 24 offers a control switch for light which causes no problems when turning. The structure is similar to that of Absima, so it is plugged into channel 3 and can then turn the light on and off.
If you need more channels for the light, you can purchase a 4-channel control switch. This then has its own power supply and can control 4 independent light consumers.

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TRX4 LEDs Chinaware

Yes, the nice lamps from the land of the middle that you can buy in the bay or at the big A. No one knows what is really in there or with how many volts so some SMD technology would like to be operated. About the funny descriptions of these goods, everyone has certainly made fun.

It is clear that such parts can also go up in smoke. Whether then the equivalent of a burned car to save on the lamps is worth it, everyone must decide for themselves.
Perhaps one should prefer the purchase at the local dealer or the Internet store of his confidence. The people know what they sell (we assume that now times quite firmly) and can then also give advice or information on the voltage and the necessary resistors.

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