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TRX-4M Crawling in 1:18

TRX4 for the living room

TRX4M 01 Now it has also made Traxxas - the TRX4 in small, the M stands here for mini, where 1:18 is still nice and big and thus also for more serious crawling comes into consideration.
With 2 models, crawling is now also moved into the apartment or in the allotment. With the models Defender and Bronco 2021 one has also decided directly of the probably most popular model, the Defender from the 1:10 segment, and the new Bronco 2021. The vehicles come as RTR model with lipo battery and USB charger.

TRX4M 02 The TRX-4M has an integrated controller / receiver, which may please some, the other less if you then want to connect its own radio with the vehicles. Otherwise you have to change the controller and receiver. A HW1080 controller and a small 4 channel receiver like the FlySky FGR4S should fit easily. The differentials are permanently locked and there are no portal axles (which is not surprising given the price and size). That's where the aftermarket can come up with something. The transmission has one gear, but there are two different gradations available for purchase in the accessories.
Less nice is the original battery and the USB charger, here Traxxas has again designed their own connectors. If you want to make changes there you have to start the soldering station.

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TRX4M Models

Defender 1:18

TRX4M 11

  • Length: 279mm
  • Weight: 483g
  • Center distance: 155mm
  • Colors: red, gray, silver, green

TRX4M 12 TRX4M 13 TRX4M 14

Bronco2021 1:18

TRX4M 21

  • Length:262mm
  • Weight: 468g
  • Center distance: 155mm
  • Colors: red, black, blue, white

TRX4M 22 TRX4M 23 TRX4M 24

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Tuning TRX4M

TRX4M 03 Traxxas also directly supplies tuning accessories for the TRX-4M. Beadlock rims, brass rings, other gear ratios and much more. This really makes sense because they offer the owners, directly from the house, suitable accessories.
Who wants to crawl with the little one more seriously will probably look around here quickly and equip the vehicle with more weight. It's nice that Traxxas offers beadlock wheels and other tires. Also the Pro Scale Lightkit has Traxxas directly with in the offer which can be plugged directly into the controller and the vehicle body equipped with the appropriate LEDs.

TRX4M 06 TRX4M 04 TRX4M 05

The thing that really should be done immediately, replace the plain bearings with proper ball bearings, why Traxxas delivers the so probably remains their secret. The conversion to beadlock rims with the brass rings also makes sense and then put a good foam in the tires so that they are somewhat more stable. ALT-Foams wants to produce suitable inserts, if they are as good as those for the large models, you can already look forward.

The driving performance is outstanding for a model in this size and the little ones are really just fun. However, if you really want to crawl you should think about the slow gearbox, the car responds much more sensitive. I would like to thank Modellbau Berlinski who have provided me with a TRX4m for test drives.

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